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In 2008 I became a frequent visitor to the Troy Public Library when I found myself unexpectedly unemployed and came to depend on the technology center computers for “survival” job searches and internet communication. Having only been a casual patron prior to that, I soon became aware of all the services the library offers: job-related seminars, computer/technology classes, study areas, various informational events and one-on-one assistance — all of which helped me through the challenges and transitions. Now, seven years later, I am fortunate to be working again, and I visit the library frequently with my grandson on more leisure occasions. We often visit the Friends bookstore on Saturdays after his swim lesson at the Troy Community Center. We also like to relax and play…

Jill McClure

The Friends had the pleasure of hosting a library intern at our last board meeting.  Her impressions warmed our hearts! Dear Friends of the Troy Public Library, I had such an eye-opening and lovely time on Monday evening meeting all of you!  To tell you the truth, I was starstruck.  I had always been intimidated by the idea of The Friends but being there and experiencing the warm and amicable atmosphere you all created, I felt my fears disappear and become replaced by a sense of wonder.  The way that you all love the library so much you’re willing to volunteer a ton of time and energy into supporting it… YOU’RE LITERALLY THE COOLEST PEOPLE EVER! On top of that, it was a valuable experience…

Sirisha B.

The Friends and the TPL co-sponsored a visit from Elizabeth Berg.  From the Friends Only Meet and Greet, through her 90 minute long presentation, and until the end of book signing, she was a true delight. From Ms. Berg’s Facebook post: Many, many thanks to the Troy Public Library in Troy, Michigan for hosting a rather compromised me for a great evening on Tuesday night. (I had a wretched cold.) I even had a gift of banana chocolate chip bread waiting for me in my hotel room and in a fit of will power refrained from eating every last crumb on the spot. I got there by train, and it was such a lovely trip.

Elizabeth Berg, Author

Feedback sent through the general TPL mailbag! No question or purchase suggestion.  Just a big thank you for having Elizabeth Berg as a guest speaker.  She was wonderful as are her books.  I am now a paying Friend of the Library.

An attendee at a recent program

I’m 27 years old and ever since I was a kid I went to the library. Looking back at when I was a little boy, I would always read the Goosebumps Books by RL Stine and I would check out movies as well. The libraries have served a purpose for a very long time and they still do. Back in the day it was all about books, but now a days it’s not only about books/novels. The library also has magazines, a massive movie collection with new movies being added after the dvd and blu ray release dates and it also has video games and tv shows. The library is important for many people, and as a resident of Troy, Michigan I would hate to…

Bailey G. – 2023-03-23