Sirisha B.

The Friends had the pleasure of hosting a library intern at our last board meeting.  Her impressions warmed our hearts!

Dear Friends of the Troy Public Library,

I had such an eye-opening and lovely time on Monday evening meeting all of you!  To tell you the truth, I was starstruck.  I had always been intimidated by the idea of The Friends but being there and experiencing the warm and amicable atmosphere you all created, I felt my fears disappear and become replaced by a sense of wonder.  The way that you all love the library so much you’re willing to volunteer a ton of time and energy into supporting it… YOU’RE LITERALLY THE COOLEST PEOPLE EVER!

On top of that, it was a valuable experience for me to see the balanced and respectful way that your board functioned…the way your group ran was AWESOME because honestly, yours is the best I’ve ever seen.  I learned so much!

So I was really excited and totally starstruck.  And it was only one meeting!