Jill McClure

In 2008 I became a frequent visitor to the Troy Public Library when I found myself unexpectedly unemployed and came to depend on the technology center computers for “survival” job searches and internet communication. Having only been a casual patron prior to that, I soon became aware of all the services the library offers: job-related seminars, computer/technology classes, study areas, various informational events and one-on-one assistance — all of which helped me through the challenges and transitions. Now, seven years later, I am fortunate to be working again, and I visit the library frequently with my grandson on more leisure occasions. We often visit the Friends bookstore on Saturdays after his swim lesson at the Troy Community Center. We also like to relax and play in the children\’s area where Leap Frogs, puzzles and learning devices capture his interest along with many child-appealing reading areas, and the extensive Thomas Train set, which is icing on the cake for him. I realize that the success and offerings of the Troy Public Library are largely dependent upon the hard work and dedication of their largest supporter: the Friends of the Troy Library; and I know first-hand just how generous, innovative and committed this organization is in its support of the outstanding services the library offers. In gratitude, my heartfelt thanks to both organizations.