Become a Library Advocate! Contact your elected officials!Since its grassroots beginnings, the Friends’ mission has grown to encompass advocacy along with fundraising, and programming to serve the Troy Public Library. Our commitment to empowering our community and raising the standard of excellence for our library has never diminished. The Friends earned national recognition for leading a citizen’s initiative to save our library from permanent closure due to citywide budget cuts in 2010.

There are many ways to advocate for our library. It is important to know why libraries matter to your community. It is also important to stay informed about issues that face the city and how best to support and preserve the library as an essential civic asset.

Learn how you can advocate for your local library:

  • Locally
  • Statewide
  • Nationally

From City Hall to the halls of Congress, issues facing libraries are being discussed and decisions are being made. We are raising money and our voices for the continued success of our library. Be a part of the team and join the Friends.

One easy way to advocate for the TPL is to tell us why it is important to the community and to you.  Please go to our Advocate Form and tell us your story.