Bailey G. - Testimonial - 2023-03-23

Our thanks to Bailey G. for this kind message:

I’m 27 years old and ever since I was a kid I went to the library. Looking back at when I was a little boy, I would always read the Goosebumps Books by RL Stine and I would check out movies as well. The libraries have served a purpose for a very long time and they still do. Back in the day it was all about books, but now a days it’s not only about books/novels. The library also has magazines, a massive movie collection with new movies being added after the dvd and blu ray release dates and it also has video games and tv shows. The library is important for many people, and as a resident of Troy, Michigan I would hate to see the library go. I know the residents pay for the library to stay open, When the Covid pandemic happened back in 2020 I had missed the library a lot, and now 3 years later I’m glad that the library has reopened fully. I love to learn about different things and the library is a great resource for checking out books and DVDs/Blu Rays that can help you to learn about different subjects and topics, from history to different cultures. The library has always been a part of my life I hope it always will be. I will always vote for the library to stay open in elections.