Why Isn't TPL Open?

We know many of you have been missing our beloved library. And we have an update for you.

First, following the initial lockdown due to Covid, the TPL staff was hit hard. Many employees could not return due to health concerns and/or had found other opportunities. So the hiring process had to unfold. That is handled by the City, and it involves a timely interview and training process. However, there have been several new hires who are now in place and ready to serve!

But not so fast…

Our beloved TPL is an aging building. The original wing which houses the Youth Services area, the public and youth bathrooms, Tech Services, and the Friends Book Shop has suffered a major failure of the sewage system. Original piping developed cracks, leaked into the basement, and necessitated the closing of four of six bathrooms. The job had to be bid out, approved, and scheduled.

Just when there was the beginning of a plan to open, it had to be postponed to allow for repairs. Those repairs should happen this month.

Quite simply, the building is not currently safe or ready for patrons.

As soon as we hear that the TPL can open to in-person traffic, we will let you know. Until then, please remember that you can use the TPL in the following ways:

– browse the collection online, place holds, and schedule curbside pick-up

– attend programming safely from your own homes and in your pajamas!

-search the databases

Thanks to the majority of Troy voters, we now have a sustaining millage in place for the next ten years. This will allow for greater maintenance of the physical plant and other important facility upgrades as determined to be necessary.

Keep the faith, Troy! We will be back in our beloved library as soon as it is possible.