Friends in Action: Promoting and Supporting the TPL

The mission of the Friends of the Troy Public Library has always been to promote and support the library, and that means even in the midst of a pandemic! While our shops have been closed and we cannot accept donations, we are still hard at work providing support for the programs and initiatives of the Library. 

The Friends are proud to sponsor the new Storybook Trail to be installed at Raintree Park, and we cannot wait to travel the walk through the pages of an amazing children’s picture book. We are thrilled to be able to help bring the renowned author, Madeline Miller, to the homes of TPL patrons as she participates in a Conversations with Cathy Zoom presentation. 

These activities are possible with the revenue we’ve made from our Shops, from memberships, and from donations. You can be a part of the legacy of the Friends and the TPL by joining us! Consider becoming a member or donating to our mission today!  We can never have too many Friends!

An Update from the Friends

Are you missing the TPL as much as we are? While the Library has been closed, so have our operations. That means we haven’t been able to see our wonderful volunteers or customers.

We are in constant contact with Cathy Russ, Library Director, and as soon as we can return to any level of service, we will let our Friends know!

If you are a member of the Friends, you should have received your invitation to our General Annual Meeting on Sept. 28. Via a virtual platform, we’ll highlight the year (such as it is!), inform you on the status of our financials and donations to the Library, and nominate the slate for our Board of Directors. If you’d like to be a part of that, please consider becoming a member of the Friends!

As for the Library, you can still access it in a few ways!

Although the TPL building is not open to the public, the Library is providing services via curbside pickup, with browsing assistance provided via phone from librarians, or via chat or email if you prefer.

TPL’s digital library is also open 24/7.

The Library building is not currently open because the Library is experiencing an unprecedented staff shortage (over 50% in circulation and 15% overall) and does not have the staffing levels adequate to provide curbside service and be open to the public. Curbside service takes priority as it is the only option available to those who cannot or do not wish to wear a mask.

They are working on filling the open positions, and as soon as they are in a position where they are able to open the building and provide curbside service, they will do so.

Please also remember that the Troy Public Library’s dedicated millage is up for renewal on the November ballot. The Friends encourage you to vote YES to support our precious Library for the next ten years. To estimate what the new millage will cost your household, please visit the Millage Estimator on the City website.

Thank you for supporting the Friends…and supporting the Troy Public Library!

Alert: the millage funding the Troy Public Library is up for renewal this November!

If it passes, service will only improve at the TPL with its normal operations (while not suffering pandemic problems).

If it doesn’t pass, the funding will expire at the end of the fiscal year in July 2021. Under this scenario, plans to close the library would have to begin far sooner, however.

We cannot let that happen! So be informed.

Attend one of Troy’s virtual TPL Millage Town Hall Meetings to learn about the Troy Public Library millage question on the November 3, 2020 ballot. Town Hall Meetings will be hosted on Zoom.

Meetings will be held on Wednesday, September 23, at 7 pm and Thursday, October 1, at 7 pm. Register here:…

Please Note: These Town Hall Meetings are intended for Troy residents and both meetings will contain the same agenda items, so please only register for one meeting.