Library Funding into the Future

From Friends President Sue Matthews, as read into record at last night’s Troy City Council Study Session regarding TPL funding:

“Troy deserves to have a facility that matches the forward-thinking, well-educated, and technologically driven nature of our city and its residents.”

Do you agree? Please take some time to watch the attached video of last night’s meeting. The slideshow presentation of the current funding model vs. potential scenarios can be viewed from 17:30-47:00. The Q and A following the slideshow is also instructive.

Once you’ve seen the playback, consider telling Council and City Administration how you feel about funding the TPL going forward.

The Friends remain committed to supporting and promoting the best library in Michigan, and we are happy to answer questions regarding the upcoming vote to fund TPL.

The TPL Plans Re-Opening in Phases!

Good morning, all!

As our great state begins re-opening in many sectors, so too does the Troy Public Library!  You can read about it on the library website

As the TPL moves through its re-opening phases, the Friends will be watching closely and taking direction from Cathy Russ, the Library Director. We are as eager as you are to return to our beloved TPL and our Shops.  We miss all of our customers, Friends, and beloved volunteers. 
However, we are not quite ready yet. Therefore, please remember and share the following information:

– We cannot accept donations of any kind at this time.

– We will not be open until we are given permission from Cathy Russ.

– We cannot have any volunteers in the building at this time. 

– We are not currently able to fulfill any Outreach requests. 

We CAN share information and updates, and we will! 

Thank you for supporting the Friends and the TPL.   Until we can see you again, happy reading!

Opening the TPL: Celebration, Caution, and Patience!

Many of you have seen the new shared by Library Director Cathy Russ that the TPL will begin its process of re-opening – in phases. You can read Director Russ’s letter to patrons for full details.

However, the operations of the Friends are still in limbo. As such, we CANNOT accept any donations at this time. That’s where the patience comes in. As soon as we can take any materials, we will let you know.

For now, let us celebrate the eventual opening of the TPL with cautious steps aimed at keeping us all safe.